Love your swimwear, wash with care!

Care Guide - swimwear and hats

Our swimwear is made of a UPF50+ blend of nylon and spandex with a polyester lining, which makes our garments silky soft and comfortable, quick-drying, breathable, and with good stretch-ability.

Regardless of the composition of a swimsuit, one thing for sure is that all swimsuits and hats need to be properly cared for to maximise and ensure their longevity – no swimsuit or swim hat will withstand being rolled up in a towel and left unrinsed for days!

To protect your Tribe Tropical swimsuits and hats we recommend the following:

  • Always rinse in cold water immediately after use to help prevent chlorine/salt degradation.
  • Hand wash separately in cold water and leave out to line-dry in the shade.
  • Do not tumble-dry, bleach, iron or dry clean your swimwear.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces i.e. rocks, cement pool edges etc, to avoid pilling of the swimsuit.
  • Trapped sand can be gently scratched away once dry.
  • Never leave your swimwear rolled up in a towel! Doing this will cause bacteria to breed, which will eat away at the fabric causing your swimwear to perish faster.
  • If you do leave your swimsuit sitting damp for a while and notice black mould spots on the fabric you can try a vinegar treatment to kill the mould. More details available here: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/mold-out-bathing-suits-49123.html

Flotation devices:

  • If using a flotation device on your child, we recommend separating the swimsuit and device by first placing a t-shirt over the swimsuit before putting on the device -this will protect the fabric from pilling if rubbed against the straps of a float vest.

Thank you for choosing to use and wear our products, we hope you love them!

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